on BTC, ETH, and stablecoins
in just three clicks.

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What is YOP?

The Yield Optimisation Platform (YOP) lets you earn the highest passive income on your crypto across the top blockchains from a clean, simple, and easy-to-use application.

Values Accessible

Secured by an inhouse team of security specialists

Values Transparent

Designed to be intuitive and extremely easy to use

Values Diversified

Developed by a fully transparent team

Wait… Isn’t DeFi too complicated to use?

It is true. DeFi looks overwhelming. Messy-looking interfaces. Lots of jargon. Tons of data and digits screaming at you right from the first screen. We feel you.

At YOP we decided that earning passive income on your crypto should be so easy even your parents can do it.

Sky-high APYs without being a geek

With YOP you have the powers of a “shadow super coder” without being one. With just three clicks you can deploy your funds and have our powerful algorithms work out an unbeatable yield on your crypto, dripping into your wallet right from today.

Way better than a traditional bank deposit

Your bank pays you 0.1% interest on your fiat deposit. We pay you up to 35% APY on your BTC, ETH, or stablecoins.

Do the math!


User friendly

Safe and secure

Fully managed

Iron protection for your funds

Your funds are safe with YOP. Industry-leading crypto entities have confirmed this, including;


Powered by the $YOP token

YOP is the utility token behind the YOP protocol, used to boost your APYs. Want to maximize your APY? Lock some YOP in addition to your current BTC, ETH, or stablecoin deposit. The more YOP you stake, the higher your APY.


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