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“All-in-one yOptimization Application”

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Yield Optimization Platform

All-in-one yOptimization platform that makes it easy for everyone to access yield markets. Giving you control, custody, insights and flexibility directly in one single application.

Every Token!

Every Pool!

YOP offers a clean UX/UI application powered by $YOP token


Yield Optimization Protocol

The protocol is our proprietary mechanism to allow everyone simplified access to yield markets. Providing dynamic portfolio management with automated IL (impermanent loss) protection, aggregation and reward protocols.

Every Blockchain!

Every Reward!

YOP automates your engagement with yield markets with custom control parameters

The Problem

Most yield products and tools are web based. Not just web based, but also restrictive with poor UI/UX/ Mobile apps are limited in capability and buggy.

Users are presented with multiple platforms and conflicting offerings. What farm has the best yield? How to use? Which is audited and safe? This is time consuming and inefficient way of participating in the market.

Arbitrage opportunities arise for short periods, so speed of comparing data and executing trades is key. This is still done across multiple platforms and web apps. Slow and confusing process.

Users are paying high fees in multiple wasted transactions. Lack of aggregation in trade execution and data feeds. Data is not always transparent and requires browsing various sites searching for the best information.

The App

Farmers Market

Swap DEX


YOP Wallet+

Market Data

Launchpad Aggregator

Yield Optimization Pad. YOP will allow customers to access a wide host of decentralised launch protocols. Our launchpad aggregator will access IDO smart contracts and allow customers to directly participate from the YOP Platform. There will also be access for $YOP holders to YOP Exclusive pools, giving early access to incubated projects and portions of some aggregated pools.

YOP Launchpad Aggregator App

The Competition


The current applications are poor and generally have limited features with one or two core functions. From all our research and testing none come close to a premium user experience. Wallets are too basic and the market data apps have no value added benefits. There are no all-in-one providers.


The current yield protocols are also very selective in what they offer. We have a dilemma of good protocol with a single feature but no good platform to engage it. Protocols are also generally fragmented and fail to collect all of the value available in the marketplace. This leaves a gap in the market for yProtocol to fill.




YOP is building a leading protocol that builds on the success of decentralized finance protocols. By implementing custom feature sets in our smart contracts we provide more value to the user on our platform and to the YOP token in the network.

What is YOP

Network Integration

As YOP is chain agnostic we plan to have an initial focus of integrating the leading products built on 7 networks. YOP will not be limited to these network products. Initially powered by Ethereum & Polkadot.
Ethereum Polkadot

Road Map


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