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What is BlockFi?

BlockFi is centralized hub for the different financial services such as taking out a loan, earning yield on cryptocurrency, or managing credit card expenditures.


The problems with BlockFi:


More complex

The best companies are those who do one thing best. BlockFi is a basket of multiple services under a single umbrella including Wallet, Trade, Loan, Interest, Yield aggregation. If you are a beginner crypto user, you‘d easily find yourself overwhelmed and not sure how to use the product.

YOP is so easy to use you can start earning passive income on your crypto in under sixty seconds and just three clicks.


BlockFi users have no idea how the APY behind the yield is calculated for the purpose of planning the return on their crypto. At YOP we appreciate that some users prefer full transparency and disclosure, and we make the data behind the APY calculation available and easy to find.


Not your coins, not your keys. With Blockfi you are exposed to counterparty risk as your funds are exposed to loss. YOP Finance is decentralized, and you remain in full control of your crypto. We do not maintain your wallet on your behalf, we do not have custody of your crypto.

YOP BlockFi
Stable Yields 20%+ 5%+
BTC Yields 16%+ 1%+
ETH Yields 13%+ 1.5%+
Decentralized Yes No
Boost Mechanism Yes No
Intuitive UI Yes Yes
Risk Engine Yes No

The YOP advantage:


Transparent team

Ever tried figuring out who’s behind Yearn? Yeah, good luck with that. At YOP, our team is fully transparent and so is our APY and fees calculation methodology. 

Competitive APYs

YOP brings you up to 65% ROI on your ETH, BTC and stables, among the highest in the industry. We do it in a completely transparent way. The calculation is available on our Documentation page.

Extremely easy to use

All it takes is three steps to deposit your crypto in our vaults and start earning up to 65% APY on your crypto. No messy interfaces, no complicated jargon. Deposit –> Stake YOP for higher APYs –> Relax and watch your crypto grow.


Ready to earn yield on your crypto with YOP?

The simplest ever DeFi interface, so easy to use even your old folks can play with it. All it takes is three clicks


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