Like Yearn but easier to use, with higher APY.

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What is Yearn?

Yearn Finance is a yield optimization interface running on the Ethereum blockchain. It allow users to optimize their earnings on crypto assets through lending and trading services.


The problem with Yearn

Hard to use

Yearn finance spearheaded a revolution in the yield aggregator domain. But the product is too complex to use. Suitable for advanced level DeFi users. Its complexity is almost arrogant – Either figure it out or you don’t belong here.

DeFi must become inclusive to get to its 7th billionth user. We built YOP from the ground up with simplicity in mind. Only the more essential info is displayed at first glance with an option to quickly navigate to our docs page if you want to dig more.

YOP It is so easy to use even your non-crypto savvy parents can try it.

Lower APYs

YOP sports significantly higher APYs across all our vaults. The strategies behind each of the vaults are transparent and available for review. Read more about how YOP works on

YOP Yearn
Stable Yields 20%+ 9%+
BTC Yields 16%+ 7%+
ETH Yields 13%+ 3%+
Boost Mechanism Yes No
Intuitive UI Yes No
Risk Engine Yes No

The YOP advantage

Transparent team

Ever tried figuring out who’s behind Yearn? Yeah, good luck with that. At YOP, our team is fully transparent and so is our methodology. You can easily find out the calculation behind our APYs.

Competitive APYs

YOP brings you up to 65% ROI on your ETH BTC and stables, among the higher in the industry. We do it in a completely transparent way. The calculation is available on our Documentation page.

Extremely easy to use

All it takes is three steps to deposit your crypto in our vaults and start earning up to 65% APY on your crypto. No messy interfaces, no complicated jargon. Deposit –> Stake YOP for higher APYs –> Relax and watch your crypto grow.


Ready to earn yield on your crypto with YOP

The simplest ever DeFi interface, so easy to use even your old folks can play with it. All it takes is three clicks

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