The $YOP token powers the entire YOP ecosystem. We have designed our token economics with that in mind, keeping inflation from treasury very low. With our commitment to the project, the team tokens are vested over 2 years. Starting with a low cap we are dedicated to growing YOP in a sustainable way.

10,666,668 Private Sale 12% Early Backers, Long Term Holders
2,666,668 Liquidity Reserve 3% Uniswap Pool
13,333,333 Future Token Sale 15% VC, Strategic Growth Partners
8,888,888 Team 10% 2 Year Linear Release V0 onwards
13,333,333 Marketing / Airdrop 15% Building Community Engagement
13,333,333 YOP Rewards 15% YOP Rewards in App
8,888,888 Advisors and Diplomats 10% Advisory Tokens and Diplomat Reward Plan
8,888,888 Dev Pool 10% Bug Bounties, Dev Contests
8,888,888 Reserve 10% Balance Burnt Post V2


88,888,888 Max Supply
9,166,668 Initial Circ Supply

Seed/Private: 10,666,668 Tokens

Supply Reduction
Net Deflation from yProtocol utilizing tokens.
Current Verified Circulating Supply: 14,552,325.7

YOP Project Wallets

YOP: Team 0x61481AFcDd5A50a2B0105A1035FFD172BFBF595b
YOP: Liquidity 0xBFCa631E4c0D36c8C0771a395952e8F58768caF3
YOP: Reserve 0x3C1A541ED82269755246DF51A1C6CCF5786EF5E1
YOP: MarketingDevRewards 0x13fCD8272156fe20E17A16aB7489EaEBFcd7769b
YOP: Token Sale 0x4e3FF4B898653EC1A734825B8D1e59CBFefbdFE2

For complete transparency we have listed all YOP wallets the project holds. These will be labelled and tokens will only move according to the emission schedule listed in the YOPonomics document above.

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